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    What is your vision for the Fox?
    What do you imagine taking place
    within these walls?

  • INAP_Wilson_Center_7 (sweet wide)

    Special Guests: I'm Not a Pilot
    May 26th @ 7:00
    Michelsen Hall (UWSP)
    Donations Accepted! Celebrate Point native Peter Thomas
    and support The Fox on Main!

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Fox Swag

Donate today and we’ll send you some Fox swag as a thank you gift! Pick out a T-shirt to show your Fox pride, or order a calendar featuring the Mid State Sisters of Skate! Calendars come with one ticket, good for admission to a Sisters of Skate Bout! If you are feeling especially generous, you can select the combo pack! All proceeds go to support the renovation of The Fox on Main!

Meet the
Advisory Board

The Fox on Main is working with an incredible group of Stevens Point ex-pats, currently working in arts & entertainment fields and living in major urban markets. Their advice and experience is helping to shape a strong vision for The Fox on Main, and we are eager to tap into their connections to route high-quality entertainment & culture to Central Wisconsin once the Fox is up and running. To learn more about their excitement for this project, watch this video!


“We have a chance now to turn [the Fox] into something that would be an incredible asset for our community, a place with creativity, entertainment, and learning for adults and children, a place for people in the community to gather.”


“It is important to celebrate the history and culture of places and cities, and Stevens Point is poised to have this opportunity to do that, and the Fox would be an exclamation point.”


“I love the Fox. Some of my fondest memories go back to the time I got to spend there when I was a kid. I saw some of my first movies there, and clearly I am someone that fell in love with movies. Honestly nothing would make me happier than to see the Fox revived.”